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Industry Demand for Digital Skills

Explore the current demand for digital skills through this up-to-date visualisation of online job advertisements.

These visualisations, prepared by CSIRO Digital Careers, use three-month averages of internet job vacancies collated by the Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business. The default visualisations are the total indicative Australian STEM and ICT job vacancies advertised online. The first shows Australian STEM job vacancies while the second is a visualisation of the variation in demand within the ICT sector. Vacancies are coded according to ANZSCO to four digits but only whole numbers are displayed. STEM vacancy data in Australia aligns with global trends and indicates a high demand for ICT related skills.

You can view these interactive visualisations by clicking the relevant buttons below. For more information refer to the quick navigation guide or download the raw data as a spreadsheet .

STEM Jobs Visualisation

ICT Jobs Visualisation

These visualisations were last updated on 28/07/2020. The next update will be in August 2020.