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Bebras Australia

Bebras is an international computational thinking challenge for students and Bebras Australia is run by the CSIRO Education and Outreach's Digital Careers program.

Welcome to the Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge

The Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge started in Australia in 2014 through the CSIRO Education & Outreach program, Digital Careers. However the Bebras Challenge has a long and world wide history.

Starting in Lithuania in 2004 by Prof Valentina Dagiene from University of Vilnius, Bebras started with 3470 students from 146 schools.

The Bebras Challenge has grown so much that there are now almost 60 countries with over 1.6 million students participating last year alone!

What is the Bebras Challenge?

Bebras is an international student computational thinking challenge and Bebras Australia is run by CSIRO Education and Outreach through the Digital Careers program. The goal is to promote computational thinking skills to students in a way that highlights student ability beyond Science or Maths skills.

Get involved!


Simply head to the Teacher Registration link on the Bebras Australia website .

You can register as many teachers as you like under your school name and once registered, you will have access to an array of resources.


Chat with your teacher about your school's participation.