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Microsoft FarmBeats for Students program (closed pilot)

Microsoft FarmBeats for Students empowers students to apply their digital skills and knowledge to agricultural challenges.

An animated image of the Microsoft FarmBeats for student kit.

Microsoft FarmBeats for Students is an interactive STEM education program, that provides teachers and students in Years 9 and 10 with tools to explore big data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and IOT technologies.

2021 closed pilot

In 2021, Microsoft is partnering with CSIRO Education and Outreach to pilot Microsoft FarmBeats for Students with a small group of Australian secondary school teachers. The program will run from Term 2, 2021 and includes: teacher professional learning sessions; resources and activities; the opportunity for teachers to participate in the creation of program materials; and the opportunity for students to design and implement an inquiry project.

CSIRO will provide teacher professional learning, equipment and support for the pilot. Classroom implementation is anticipated for Term 3, 2021. 

FarmBeats curriculum 

The Microsoft FarmBeats for Students Australian program is designed by CSIRO Education and Outreach to align with the Australian Curriculum and to support inquiry learning. The program curriculum draws from the Microsoft FarmBeats for Students program in the United States which is centred on the Five Big Ideas of AI developed by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) for K-12 initiative :

FarmBeats kit

Each teacher selected for the pilot program will be given a set of Microsoft FarmBeats for Students kits to deliver the program with their class. Kits include a Raspberry Pi and sensors for soil moisture, light, ambient temperature, and humidity.

Participation requirements

Teachers selected for the closed pilot are expected to: