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Voice and tone recognition technology

While voice and tone recognition can be used to confirm identity, tone recognition can also be used to detect a person's health or emotional state.

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What is it?

Voice recognition software is any technology that turns spoken word in to written text. The first step in this process is for the computer to understand speech.

Many digital innovators have made use of improvement in how computers understand speech to create programs like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. These creations not only convert speech to text, they also understand speech commands. If I ask Alexa to turn on my television, it will turn on my television.

What problem is it solving?

The predominant way information is entered into a computer is via keyboard. This process is not only slow but often inconvenient. By transforming speech to text, voice recognition technology solves this problem.

What can it be used for?

Voice recognition is used in the security industry to confirm a person's identity. It has also been used to detect a person's health and emotional state by recognising the tone of their voice.

This technology will continue to create new opportunities in security and healthcare through mobile applications and other software developments.

For example, CSIRO research explored whether doctors and nurses can use voice recognition software to visualise and quickly understand handover notes between shifts.

Read more about Preliminary Evaluation of Speech Recognition for Capturing Patient Information at Nursing Shift Changes.

What other future uses could there be?

How might voice and tone recognition technology be used in the future? Send us your most creative ideas by using the comments section below.


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It can be used to confirm people's identity


Voice and tone recognition could be combined with UAV technology to help rescue personnel identify citizens during emergencies.