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Haptic technology

Haptic technologies are technologies that enable interactivity through a user's sense of touch.

What is it?

Haptic interactions are any form of interaction that makes use of our sense of touch. Our sense of touch can allow us to know an object without seeing it and it can allow us to communicate messages without speaking. Haptic technologies use to be purely mechanical but increasingly they are becoming digital. The vibration you feel on your fingers after pressing your phone touchscreen is an example of digital haptic technology. Simple haptics are used in smartphones, game controllers, joysticks and steering wheels.

What problem is it solving?

Haptics is gaining widespread acceptance as a key part of virtual reality systems, adding the sense of touch to previously visual-only solutions.

What can it be used for?

It is also used in virtual arts, such as sound synthesis, graphic design and animation. There are many possibilities for Haptics to be applied to gaming, movies, manufacturing, medical, and other industries.

Hand putting batteries into small recycling bin.

Imagine your doctor operating on you in Cairns from his computer in Brisbane or 'feeling' the texture of clothing for sale on the internet or interacting with a hologram. Haptics technology has the potential to create new industries in the future.

What other future uses could there be?

How might haptic technology be used in the future? Send us your most creative ideas by using the comments section.


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