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Context aware IOT technologies

Sensors within an IOT network can enable devices that are aware of their environment.

What is it?

IOT is an initialism that stands for Internet of Things. An IOT device is any device that can collect data and be able to share that data with other devices without human interference. This technology is still in early stages but within a decade many devices will be able to use and share enough data within themselves that we can say they are aware of their environment. These are context aware technologies.

What problem is it solving?

We live in an era of big data. While big data promises to improve our lives, all this data is too much for humans to handle and make use of. It would be better if all the data available could be used by technologies within our environment to predict our needs and intuitively provide services without us having to command them.

What can it be used for?

By combining 'hard sensor' information such as location and environmental conditions with 'soft sensor' information such as your calendar, social networks and past preferences – future devices will constantly be learning about who you are and how you live, work and play. As your devices learn about your life, they can begin to anticipate your needs. For example, applications like Google Maps and your digital calendar can already advise you if you need to leave home 15 minutes earlier than usual because of bad traffic conditions.

In the future, consider a 'context aware' remote control that instantly determines who is holding it and automatically selects the Smart TV preferences and suggestions for that person.

What other future uses could there be?

How might context aware IOT technologies be used in the future? Send us your most creative ideas by using the comments section below.


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