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For parents

Your children have never known a world without technology; they are constantly connected, can have every question answered instantaneously and have never had to hear the screech of an internet 'dial up' tone…or had to trawl through an entire set of Encyclopaedia Britannica for that matter!

Whilst in the past, a career in 'ICT' might have meant pulling apart a colleague's hard drive and putting it back together, the opportunities our children have today through digital careers are literally infinite. Digital careers are no longer restricted to working on the service desk or writing code. As a key driver to their future lives and careers, you have the opportunity to encourage your children to create things that have never ever been thought about, help them discover new and exciting ways to improve our lives and to make what might currently seem impossible a future reality.

Occupations in app development like Uber or iTunes, driverless car engineering, drone operation and social media management didn't exist 10 years ago, and the list of new, ground-breaking digital careers is only set to grow.

In addition to leading the world in some of our most advanced future digital discoveries, Australian children have the potential to be part of a future career that is personally fulfilling, exciting, diverse and financially rewarding. It can start at home, with your guidance and encouragement.

Why not head to our Events page to see what activities your child can be involved with, or explore our Careers Hub for more information.