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Careers spotlight

Digital innovation is impacting many jobs around the world. In Australia, these impacts are predominantly in precision healthcare, digital agriculture, data-driven urban management, cyber-physical security and supply chain integrity.
In this series of webinars, we showcase the digitisation of most jobs and what that means for the digital skillsets required to work within those jobs.

In the latest CSIRO Data 61 Digital Innovation (2018) report, it is clear that Australia has many research experts and highly skilled workers but that at the same time ‘our nation is currently lagging behind its OECD peers in digital innovation.’

Compounding this issue is the uncertainty surrounding future jobs. The World Economic Forum's The Future of Jobs (2016) report indicates 65 per cent of children entering primary school in 2019 will work in jobs that don't yet exist. Moreover, 92 per cent of all future jobs will require digital literacy.

Through this series of career spotlights, we are supporting teachers, parents and students to appreciate new and emerging career fields that are vital to enabling Australian digital innovations.