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Cyber security professionals

Within the next decade, the changing nature of cyber security threats will lead to a demand for a variety of cyber security professionals in a variety of industries. Some of these cyber security jobs will not require high level coding skills.

What are cyber security professionals?

Cyber security professionals are people with jobs that are concerned with solving security issues that result from digital devices connected to the internet or to a network. The cyber security professional job category includes many different jobs within it. The most common jobs include cryptographers, security analysts, cyber policy analysts and security software developers.

How is cyber security changing?

From the early days of the internet until the early 2000s, a cyber security worker was considered to be someone who keeps computers free from computer viruses and other hard drive risks such as file corruption. Over the last decade and especially towards 2030, the increased number of smartphone apps reliant on online data access and the increasing cyber risk to Australians, business, government and defence has meant that cyber security is not just a technical issue but is also a people focused issue.

Cyber security professionals will increasingly need communication and collaborative skills so that various cyber security teams can work together and risks can be communicated effectively to a number of stakeholders such as parents and children, government officials, scientists and other cyber security professionals.

How is the demand for cyber security affecting other jobs?

A key component of cyber security is people. For example, at school, the security risk is students, and teachers because a student or teacher would need to click a malicious link or use a flash drive in order for a cyber risk to become actual. Due to the close connection with people, data driven cyber security requirements are changing other types of jobs.

For example, a business analyst will need to also be a cyber security advisor in order to facilitate a company's transition towards a balance between profit, customer satisfaction of data security. Much of this balance relies on the value of the data a company or an organisation owns. Currently, there are no guidelines about how valuable a particular dataset is but by 2030, we could see a demand for cyber security workers who can also estimate the value of data owned by individuals or companies.

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