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Modules and resources

Eduational modules and promotional posters to download and use at your school or organisation.

Cyber Security and Awareness MOOCS

Two new Massively Open Online Courses on teaching cyber security and awareness for K-12 teachers by the Computer Science Education Research Group at the University of Adelaide.

CyberTaipan poster

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CyberTaipan Posters

A4 CyberTaipan poster  [pdf · 1mb]

A3 CyberTaipan poster  [pdf · 1mb]

CyberTaipan Module 1: Online safety

Module 1 presentation  [pdf · 1mb]

CyberTaipan Module 2: Cyber ethics

Module 2 presentation  [pdf · 1mb]

Module 2 workbook  [pdf · 1mb]

CyberTaipan Module 3: Cyber security

Module 3 presentation  [pdf · 1mb]

Module 3 workbook  [pdf · 1mb]

CyberTaipan Module 4: Computer basics and virtualisation 

Module 4 presentation  [pdf · 1mb]

Module 4 workbook  [pdf · 1mb]