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CyberTaipan mentor registration

CyberTaipan technical mentors


Over the following few months we will begin connecting team coaches with technical mentors. Where possible, coaches and mentors will be paired based on proximity, however in some circumstances we will need to pair mentors with coaches outside of their state — due to distribution — to support teams by digital means.

While not every coach will require support from a mentor, we anticipate that mentors may have the opportunity to support up to three coaches. 

How do technical mentors support coaches?

The type of support mentors will provide will vary. As a volunteer, mentors are under no obligation of time or support format. Once connected, coaches will be able to guide mentors on the type of support they and their team need. This could be providing a short guest lecture to teams, or simply answering technical questions that a coach may have to help train their teams more effectively. 

Working with children check

A valid Working with Children Check is required for all team coaches, assistants and technical mentors. Legislation around these checks are slightly different in every state. You may know this check as a ‘Working with Vulnerable People Registration’ (ACT), or a ‘Blue Card’ (QLD). Information on these checks and the requirements needed to fulfil them can be found on the Australian Institute of Family Studies website .


Registrations will open shortly, in the meantime please submit an Expression of Interest form below.