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[Animation image appears of a spinning world globe and the camera zooms in and networking symbols and text appears on the globe: Cyber Security, Defend/Secure]

Narrator: Are you interested in cyber security? Do you want to learn about defensive counter measures and securing virtual networks?  

[Animation image changes to show the CyberTaipan symbol in the centre of the screen and text appears below and above: CyberTaipan, Australian Youth Cyber Defence Competition]  

CyberTaipan is an Australian Youth Cyber Defence Competition for teams of high school aged students.  

[Animation image changes to show the CyberTaipan logo on a computer screen and a keyboard appears in front of the screen]  

Take your first step into cyber security. Try new challenges and gain experience in defensive techniques.  

[Animation image shows Forensic questions appearing on the screen and the image shows typing appearing in the “Answer” field at the bottom of the screen]  

Teams are given a set of virtual operating systems.  

[Animation image shows a tick symbol appearing within a circle on the screen]  

Gain points for finding and fixing cyber security vulnerabilities, strengthening systems, and maintaining critical services.  

[Image changes to show the CyberTaipan, Air Force Association, Northrop Grumman, and CSIRO digital careers logos on the screen and text appears: CyberTaipan,]  

Have you got what it takes? Register now for CyberTaipan at

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