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Bebras 365

Bebras 365 is a free resource available throughout the year, questions are from past years' challenges and do not require a login to access.

Students receive immediate feedback on Bebras 365 practice challenges, once students have completed the questions, they can use the worksheet below to reflect on their processes.

Bebras 365 Thinking Reflection worksheet [pdf · 1mb] (print or digital resource, for Years 5 -12)
This resource has been developed to be completed along side Bebras 365. It draws on the Critical and Creative Thinking learning continuum to enable students to develop their skills in problem solving, while also reflecting on their learning and thinking. Any Bebras 365 question set can be used as a base for this activity. This resource encourages students to think about and compare how they solved Bebras questions, their similarities and differences in approach, and evaluate which skills were most important for solving the problem. 

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