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Bebras 2021

Bebras Round 2: 23 August – 5 September 2021

Round 2 features completely new sets of questions.

Free, online and aligned to the Australian Curriculum, engage students from Years 3-12 in collaborative, creative, and critical thinking.

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Narrator: Want to get your students thinking about a future digital career? 

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Get a head start and enter the Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge. 

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Engage your students in problem solving and computational thinking. 

[Animation image changes to show a beehive in a tree with a honey pipe running from the hive to a honeypot and then the beaver can be seen turning taps along the pipe to allow the honeypot to fill]

The Bebras challenge is a free online challenge aimed at students from Years 3 to 12 running for 45 to 60 minutes right from your classroom.

[Animation image shows a tick appearing next to the honeypot and then the animation image changes to show the beaver doing a star puzzle and turning on light bulbs on the puzzle]

Bebras develops and assesses student’s problem solving and computational thinking skills, 

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highly sought after in the digital careers of the future.

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Running twice a year the Bebras challenge is Australian curriculum aligned and a great way to engage students in collaborative, creative and critical thinking in any classroom.

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Sign up your students today,

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Bebras resources

2021 Bebras Forms

Download the updated Bebras Australia terms and conditions, parental consent form and the CSIRO privacy policy. These documents describe the policies and procedures in place for the management and protection of personal information that CSIRO collects and holds.

Bebras parental consent form  [pdf · 1mb] Bebras terms and conditions  [pdf · 1mb] CSIRO privacy policy


Schools participated so far in 2021

32 311

Students participated so far in 2021


Honour Roll recipients so far in 2021

Countries, economies and regions participating in Bebras

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Bebras Honour Roll

Showcasing the students who achieved full marks in the 2014 to 2019 first round of the Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge. As of 2020 onwards, all students who achieve full marks in either or both rounds of the Bebras Challenge will have the opportunity to be showcased on the Honour Roll.